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  • Schedule Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop
  • Schedule Post Directly from Your Desktop
  • Post to Your Instagram Account Directly from Your Desktop
  • Viraleze Analytics
  • Entry to 7 Figure Instagram VIP Mastermind Group 
  • Proxy Support Repost Viral Content in 1 Click
  • Make upto $200 by doing just 1 Post on Instagram using Shoutouts
  • Commercial License Included
  • Automate Instagram Stories-Schedule posts for months Instantly
  • Post Instagram Stories Directly Via Desktop
  • Multilingual Dashboard
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Easy Software 
  • Complete Step-by-Step Elite Video trainings and tutorials 
  • Easy to use, Mobile Responsive UI
  • Earn $1000-$5000 by managing Clients Instagram Accounts
  • Automate your Growth by scheduling 1 Month content in just one day

20k+ Followers In 3 Months Is Good for You?

Testing in 3 different Niche (Entertainment, Cooking & Weight Loss)

Entertainment Niche

Cooking Niche

WeightLoss Niche

Over 150 leads Generated with Just One Story Giveaway

Clients love us for these kind of Results and they keep sending us Pay Cheques like this:

Why you should start
Instagram Marketing Agency?


It’s a BLUE OCEAN with no competition like other social media platforms yet, so your way is clear to get more and more $$$$


Due to a lot of time-consuming process with Instagram promotion people want to outsource their work completely because they know, it has huge potential to make BIG REVENUE but everyday time-consuming tasks they just can’t afford.


Due to less competition in the market, it’s very easy to get local clients as they are yet to explore this new system

Huge Demand- Insufficient Supply

The number of requests increasing every day, every client wants a dedicated Instagram Marketing Consultant but they are not able to find it due to insufficient supply.

Easy To Start with “NO BIG INVESTMENT”

You don’t need any office space, monthly rentals, servers etc You can manage everything from home with your own laptop.

Organic Results without Paid Marketing

This is a great platform to get organic traffic as a number of users are in Billions.

Why are top marketers

already loving it?

“Since I become a part of Viraleze, I got to know how Instagram marketing should be done. This course helped me to learn a lot and find the way to getting client who are paying me monthly for managing their Instagram accounts.
Huge thanks to Viraleze”

Akbar Shahnoei

“As being social media marketer, I know how it is difficult to Getting Leads on Facebook and it is possible only with paid advertisement, but this is not with the Instagram. With the help of Viraleze, I got to know the viral strategies that helped me to get hundreds of leads with just one post.
Great potential in Viraleze.

Tony Hayes

An open letter to all Internet Marketing Enthusiasts

From: Neha Arora
To: All Internet Marketers

Today, I wanted to share a Story with you. Well, not just any story but it’s my Own Real Story.

For the last 4 Years, I was trying to clear my Company Secretary Exams. Something, which I was always passionate about.

Days and Nights spent into preparation, to an extent that I forgot my own self as a human being.

But I could not clear my Exams.

One Night while sitting at my favorite destination ( A Silent Place in Faridabad, my hometown). I was talking to myself, rejected and disheartened - trying to find a way to claim my Life back somehow and hoping that a Miracle would happen.

I came to Gurgaon to meet my Best Friend.

I saw that they were doing Internet Marketing and living a prosperous life.

Something I would always dream of.

So I decided to jump the CS wagon wheel and embark on a new journey.

That was my Introduction to the world of Internet Marketing.

But just like any Newbie, I struggled badly to begin with. I was overwhelmed with so many moving Parts of Internet Marketing.

Copywriting, Social Media, Google Ads, SEO, Funnels - Life was again a Mess.

That is where it struck me.


What is this Blue Ocean?

It means that we go and try to conquer a world where there is no or little bloodshed, meaning very less competition.

That is where I thought.

What’s the Most Ignored Platform by Marketers?

Well, the answer was pretty obvious to me.

Instagram - A Place where Brands are yet to figure out what works the best.

And my Journey Started :)

I browsed all over the Internet, searched forums, read books, watched countless hours of Courses just to do one thing.


And indeed I was able to.

The Next thing I did - I started reaching out to Clients, Local Shops and Brands.

And I told them the Power of Instagram Marketing.

Not a lot of them had information about it, so cracking clients was easy for me.

If you are like me, trying to break this Internet Mess and make a living via it.

Then you are in the Right place.

I have made a SYSTEM, the VIRALEZE SYSTEM.

This System will force you to make $1000-$5000 per month whether you like it or not.

I will personally work with you and make you an Instagram Marketing Expert.

I will share everything with you that I have learned in my Journey so that you don’t have to struggle anymore.

Let me show you what’s Inside this System that I am so confident about.


The Viraleze System consists of 2 major parts:

Part #1

Part 1 is the Training that will take you from zero to hero in learning the nuances of Instagram Marketing.

Even the Darkest Hidden secrets which Big Influencers use to Get 1000,’s of Likes, Comments and Sales with just one post will be uncovered in front of you.

And I Guaranteed that it’s super easy for you after going through these

Module #1: Basics of Instagram Marketing

  • Types of Instagram Accounts
  • Niche Selection
  • Creating a Perfect Bio

Module #2: Content Creation

  • Types of Content
  • Apps to Create Content
  • How to Generate 1 Month of Content in under 30 Minutes

Module #3: Growth Hacks

  • Following the Right Account
  • Using the Power of Relevant Hashtags
  • Building a Relationship with your Followers
  • Instagram Contests and Giveaways

Module #4: How to Leverage Instagram Stories & Go Live

  • Instagram Stories
  • Go Live
  • Right Use of Call to Action

Module #5: How to Increase Organic Reach

  • Going Viral and Getting on Explore Page
  • Reposting the Viral Content
  • Being a Part of Engagement Groups
  • S4S & 1V1
  • Shadow Banning

Module #6: How to Earn through Instagram

  • How to Earn Through Shoutouts
  • Buying and Selling of Instagram Accounts
  • Providing Instagram Account Management Services

Module #7: How to Get Unlimited Traffic from Instagram

  • How to Get Traffic using CTA Videos
  • How to Get Free Traffic using Stories
  • How to Get Free Traffic using Imags

Part #2

Part 2 of the System is our Viraleze Scheduler SAAS software which will help you to put all the Clients Accounts and your own Accounts.

See The power of Viraleze Scheduler Through Full Demo

Watch Us Schedule Weeks Long Content in just

I know you are thinking that it will take time and effort.

Because not everyone has the time luxury to post the content multiple times in a day.

But don’t panic.

Viraleze Scheduler will all do it for you. Just schedule your months content in just 1 day and sit relax at your couch for the whole month.

Amazing Features

Viraleze Scheduler boasts the following features to help you
save time and focus on more important matters.

Schedule Your Months Content in Just One Day

Not everyone has the time luxury to post content daily. That’s where Viraleze scheduler comes into the picture. It helps the users to schedule months content in just 1 day and get you relaxed for the whole month

Post and Schedule UNLIMITED Instagram Images directly from Desktop

There’s no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your Images on Instagram. That’s what you’ll get from Viraleze Scheduler.

Post & Schedule UNLIMITED Instagram Videos directly from Desktop

There’s no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your Videos on Instagram. That’s what you’ll get from Viraleze Scheduler.

Post & Schedule UNLIMITED Instagram Stories directly from Desktop

There’s no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your Stories on Instagram. That’s what you’ll get from Viraleze Scheduler.

Post & Schedule UNLIMITED Instagram Albums (Images, Videos) directly from Desktop

There’s no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your Albums (Images, Videos) on Instagram. That’s what you’ll get from Viraleze Scheduler.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously

Viraleze Scheduler allows you to post to your Instagram accounts simultaneously. As you add content to your Instagram, Viraleze Scheduler automatically posts the same content to your other accounts.

One CLick Drag & Drop Media Upload System

Just Drag & Drop your media that take only seconds and it will be ready to post without any hassle and in a complete user-friendly way.

Repost public Instagram posts directly from post URL or embed code

Upload any Public Instagram posts on your Instagram account directly from post url or Embed Code. You just need to copy and paste the url inside this & Viraleze Scheduler will repost the content.

Emoji Integration

With our seamlessly integrated Emoji system you can be making your hordes of followers and all the way to the bank.

Smart Timezone and Language detection

Whatever your location is, Just select your time zone & language and it will schedule your whole month task and will be posted at your scheduled time.

Multilingual ready

With Viraleze Scheduler, you can choose any top languages like Spanish, German, Italian, Turkey and it will be completely converted your dashboard into your selected language which will connect your audience globally.

Live Dashboard Preview

Viraleze Scheduler shows preview of your content (Images/Videos/Stories), Captions, Emojis, Hashtags inside the dashboard posting so that you can see how amazing your content is going to post.

Automatic image resize/crop feature

Viraleze Scheduler Automatically resize the Images to match Instagram’s aspect ratios so that it can fit to screen.

Caption Templates

With Viraleze Scheduler, you can even save your captions as much as you want & use it again and again for your next posts forever.

Proxy Support

The proxy is used in case your server is not in the same place so that every Instagram user can use Viraleze Scheduler without any fear and any Instagram restrictions.

Modern, Easy-to-use, Mobile Responsive UI

Viraleze Scheduler has modern, beautiful & mobile responsive UI so that users will attract towards it and use it in a friendly way.

Complete Statistics

It’s very easy to know the summary of your every single Instagram account you have added and posts scheduled by the Viraleze Scheduler inside the dashboard. It shows complete statistics over a specific period of time.

Viraleze System
empowers you to monetize
Instagram like no one
has ever been able to

before and that too
Within 5 Minutes of Work

You will realise the power of becoming an authority Influencer by earning weekly through shoutouts.People will ask you for shoutouts on your engaging Instagram account with huge followers.

Tested, Tried & Proven

for all the Viraleze Students

People are charging 1000’s of Dollars
to manage just one single
Instagram account, and you can too

How amazing it will be when you have Recurring profits of $3000 - $5000. You can run Instagram Marketing Agency and manage just 5 Instagram accounts & you will be able to earn monthly $3000 - $5000 easily. Let people think that you are Insta Genius and get paid to grow their accounts.

In One Word

Viraleze Training + Viraleze Scheduler =
Money Making Machine

Start Cashing in on Viraleze Growing your
Instagram Accounts quicker than anyone

And let people be Shocked...

And let them pay you thousands of dollars and praise you. You never have to tell them you just did it with Viraleze.

You NEVER have to tell them it’s all done by magic using Viraleze System.

Just imagine how proud your family are going to be of you when you start making new sales on your bulging Instagram accounts... And you are getting regular recurring payments for the management of a just a couple of other Instagram Accounts...

And you add $500, $5,000 or even $20,000 a month to your family fund.

Just imagine how happy you’ll be when those sales keep on coming...And you start bagging recurring $3,000 - $5,000 deals. (I guess that takes a little strain of your mortgage payments each month).

Now You must be thinking that you took right decision to not pay $1000 to Instagram Marketing Professional.

Now my question to you

Would you not like
to be that consultant?

So that you get paid $1000 every single month by sitting at your couch.

If Yes... then be a part of Viraleze and make your own Instagram success story.

High Valued Exclusive Bonuses:

We are not done yet!

Along with Viraleze, We are also giving you access to 3 Premium Bonuses Available Nowhere else:

Bonus #1

WP Social Tornado

Turn Even The Most Plain-Jane and Boring Wordpress Blog Into a Social Powerhouse! The simple & fast way to increase social conversions.

Bonus #2

WP Content Genie

Search for popular content on Facebook to share without ever leaving WordPress.

Bonus #3

WP Footer Monster

Make your blog footer lively using this easy to use plugin that allows administrators to add their own content to the footer of every page on their site.

Get Instant Access to Viraleze Today:

  • Complete Instagram Marketing Training

  • Certificate Of Completion Of Course

  • 1 Year Access to Viraleze Scheduler - 3 Accounts

  • Post & Schedule Photos directly from your desktop

  • Post & Schedule Videos directly from your desktop

  • Post & Schedule Stories directly from your desktop

  • Post & Schedule Albums directly from your desktop

  • Automatically post same content to all Instagram accounts

  • Repost public Instagram posts directly from post URL or embed code

  • Caption templates

  • Emoji Integration

  • Automatic Image resize to match Instagram’s aspect ratios

  • Multilingual ready

  • Live Preview inside Dashboard Before Posting

  • Proxy support

  • Statistics

  • Facebook Group

  • Commercial License Included

Viraleze  Pro

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Otherwise, you will be losing on huge Traffic, Leads & Sales

You will be able to earn $1000 monthly by managing one
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To Your Success

Neha Arora


This one time offer is available for 7 days only. That means when the countdown timer on this page hits zero. The prices go up... considerably.

This is your ONLY opportunity to get Unlimited access to Viraleze Training at a single payment & Viraleze Scheduler for 1 year.

This is your only chance to put yourself on the bleeding edge of Instagram Marketing with NO monthly fees. If you’ve been trying to Boom your Instagram Marketing problem, it’s time to get dive into the world of Instagram Marketing.

And we Guarantee it’s 100% .

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the delivery method of Viraleze?

As soon as you buy Viraleze, you will be provided individual access to both - Viraleze training & Viraleze Scheduler’s login access. You just need to log in and use your assets. That’s all you need to do.


Is Step-By-Step Training Included?

Viraleze Training includes 7 modules which has step by step videos to become an Instagram Marketing Professional & Viraleze Scheduler is really simple to use, still it comes with step-by-step video training walking you through the entire process.


Do you have a support desk I can contact if I get stuck?

Yes, we have a full-time support desk which currently operates from Monday to Friday. If you would like to get in touch with one of our friendly support staff, simply submit a ticket to our support desk at


Is there any money back Guarantee?

If you have any technical issues while using Viraleze and we fail to help you resolve any technical issue, we'll give you 100% of your money back because we believe in customer satisfaction.


How long I can use Viraleze System?

Viraleze is combined with 2 parts. You will get Unlimited access to Viraleze Training membership & Viraleze Scheduler membership for one year, after one year you need to renew membership to continue.